Thursday, January 08, 2009

Books on the Radio

Some recent book-related radio segments:

- Monday's "On Point" (WBUR) featured Samuel Johnson biographer Jeffrey Meyers (Samuel Johnson: The Struggle) for the whole show. Listen here. [h/t John; Joyce] A good discussion of Johnson's life and legacy.

- NPR's "Talk of the Nation" ran interviews last year with the authors of the Atlantic/Grove "Books that Changed the World" series. The full list (eight segments) is here. They include Karen Armstrong on the Bible, Simon Blackburn on Plato's Republic, P.J. O'Rourke on Smith's Wealth of Nations, and Christopher Hitchens on Thomas Paine. [h/t Joyce] I missed these at the time, somehow, but I have been enjoying these books, and the interviews make for good listening.

- Over on BBC4, Melvyn Bragg has a four-show series this week on Darwin's life and works, and on Friday they'll air a show which tracks historian Robert Prescott's quest to find the ultimate resting place of the Beagle.

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