Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Blogging a Digitization Project

One of my colleagues at MHS, Mary Claffey, has recently begun work on an NHPRC-funded project to digitize what we here know (fondly?) as the "slip file," a collection of cards containing item-level information on more than 100,000 documents from the Adams Family Papers (date, correspondents, present location, publication information, &c.). The two-year project will result in an XML-based searchable database of the catalog, as well as a blueprint for other, similar digitization projects.

I mention the project here because Mary has started a blog to track progress and provide information about the project, Adams Papers Catalog, and I think/hope it will be of interest to others who are thinking of digitization projects along these lines. I've added a link to the sidebar and the feed to my Reader.

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