Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poe Via Podcast

The Great Poe Debate went off without any hitches (or bodily harm, it seems) on Monday night, with an audience of ~400 people, and many kudos to the Free Library of Philadelphia for making the debate available via podcast in record time. You can listen here. It's a great event, very funny and informative.

Ed recounts the scene for us, promises pictures soon, and, naturally, claims victory. He also suggests that the debating trio wants to take the Debate on the road, so stay tuned for more details on that. And, he and Jeff Jerome (of Baltimore-Poe fame) will square off in a Baltimore courtroom this spring to argue the merits of their city's cases. So stay tuned for more details on all those things as the Poe Wars move into their next phase.

There's a roundup of Great Poe Debate news stories here.

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Bookseller Bill said...

We got an email at the store that Menino is designating the corner of Boylston and Charles as Edgar Allen Poe Square. Supposed to be some sort of official designation at the stire soon; maybe Monday?

Of course there already WAS an EAP Square, a couple blocks south of that intersection.