Friday, January 23, 2009

Not Live from New York

Well, it had been my plan to bus down to New York this morning for the Bibliographical Society of America's annual meeting in the afternoon, so that could report back firsthand on the papers, including Timothy Stinson's "Knowledge of the Flesh: Using DNA Analysis to Unlock Bibliographical Secrets of Medieval Parchment," which has garnered quite a bit of press coverage. Unfortunately a stomach bug intervened yesterday afternoon, and although I feel mostly fine this morning, I didn't think eight hours (on a bus) there and back again to New York seemed like a wise plan. I'll read the papers in published form, but if anyone does make it to the meeting, firsthand dispatches are always welcome.

I'll be working from home today, and will use the opportunity to finish up some projects around the house (while napping frequently, in all likelihood).

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jgodsey said...

oh great!
now i'm sick too!