Sunday, January 28, 2007

Book Review: "Giotto's Hand"

Aside from An Instance of the Fingerpost and The Dream of Scipio, Iain Pears also has written a few books in an "Art History Mystery" series, including Giotto's Hand. It took me a couple chapters to realize I'd read this one before, but since I couldn't remember the ending I went ahead and read it again. Like the others in the series (but not like Fingerpost or Scipio) this is a fairly light read - and as in all of Pears' books, the writing is interesting and witty, with good characters. Incidentally, for some reason I found it hard to read Mary Verney and not see Stepanie Cole (Diana from the BBC show "Waiting for God") in the role - for some reason she just seems a perfect fit. If they ever make a movie ...

This made a perfect paperback read for a few daily commutes. Not as challenging or provocative as some of Pears' other stuff, but adequate nonetheless.