Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Links &c.

- Michael Lieberman at Book Patrol has short post about the Grolier Club, including a list of their upcoming exhibitions (at least two of which I might have to journey down to NYC for ...)

- ABE has opened some new "rooms", branching out into Science Fiction and Fantasy now, as Reading Copy reports. They also have a new "Not-Book", 1985: Things are Looking Up by G. Orwell. (If you haven't seen their Not-Book advertising campaign, check it out here, they're quite enjoyable).

- At Reading Archives, Richard Cox comments on (some recent) portrayals of archives in fiction.

- Oooh! Ed at The Bibliothecary points out that Stanford's "Discovering Sherlock Holmes" series has begun again: they'll post a Strand facsimile of a new Holmes story each week. Speaking of Holmes, I made a wonderful and unexpected book-find yesterday: a copy of Conan Doyle's Round the Fire Stories (some very creepy and wonderful non-Holmes writings that I read gazillions of times when I was younger but hadn't found for sale in a while). Found, incidentally, at Rodney's in Central Square, Cambridge.