Saturday, January 20, 2007

Items Missing from Tulane

From an ILAB bulletin: the following items were discovered missing from exhibit cases at the Latin American Library, Tulane University.

- Facsimile edition of Codice Murua: historia y genealogia de los reyes incas del Peru del padre mercenario Fray Martin de Murua. Editorial Testamento, 2004.

- Collection of Pre-Columbian Stamp Seals (five small clay stamp seals)

- Copper plate engraving (1814) of the "Miraculous Image of Nuestra Señora del Carmen" by Manuel López López. The plate's verso contains a short musical score, among other miscellaneous markings.

- Calaveras engravings by Mexican satirical artist José Guadalupe Posada. (2-3 thin sheets of approx. 15 x 9 with drawings of Mexican scenes featuring skeletons)

- Original sketches for jewelry designs by Margot van Voorhies, Taxco, Mexico, ca. 1950s. (eight small colorful sketches of jewelry designs approx. 2 x2 )

- Manuscript document: Libro de Hidalguía de Juan de Aguilar, 1622. (Darker brown leather cover with designs etched into cover& first pages of book has painted colorful images of a Virgin and a coat of arms on vellum with rest of volume handwritten in old Spanish)

The items were discovered missing within the last week. If you have any information, please contact Hortensia Calvo.