Thursday, May 28, 2009

ABA Works to Undo Slade Thefts

The Antiquarian Booksellers Association has taken steps to recover items stolen from Sir Evelyn de Rothschild by former ABA president David Slade. Slade was sentenced to a 28-month prison term back in February for the admitted thefts of at least 71 rare books from Rothschild's library, which he then sold via the Dominic Winter auction house. Antiques Trade Gazette reports that 14 of the 71 items have been returned, and that the ABA has urged its member booksellers who purchased and resold the stolen items to recover them if possible.

The report adds "In their turn, Dominic Winter have consulted counsel, and while the case remains too complex at present to offer a black-and-white resolution, they wrote in mid-May to all purchasers, pointing out that while they take every precaution regarding title – all vendors must sign up to this effect – they do not guarantee lots. In this instance, they say that they too have been victims of the deceit and their advice to clients is that any claims should be made against David Slade."

[h/t Shelf:Life]