Tuesday, May 19, 2009

John Witherspoon's Library

I'm delighted to report that I've completed the entering of John Witherspoon's library (well, the remaining portion of it, anyway) into LibraryThing as a Library of Early America collection. I worked with staff from the Princeton University Rare Books & Special Collections on this project, as that's where the books are.

A great number of Witherspoon's titles are pamphlets bound into volumes; I've made a list of those here in case anyone wants to browse. More than half of Witherspoon's titles were religious in nature (536 of 933; by contrast, just 130 titles related to politics and government). You can see how Witherspoon's collection stacks up against the other LEA libraries by clicking here (by person) or here (by book).

Witherspoon biography here. If you know of any of his books not at Princeton, please shoot me an email so I can add them to his LT collection.