Saturday, May 09, 2009

Recent Print Articles

A few articles I've read in print recently:

- Elspeth Jajdelska, "Pepys in the History of Reading." The Historical Journal 50:3 (September 2007), pp. 549-569. Provides a nice, synthesizing overview of book history research and the debate over historical reading practices. Jajdelska examines Pepys' reading practice through four lenses: intensive v. extensive reading, oral v. silent reading, public v. private reading, and utilitarian v. recreational reading. A fine piece, very nicely written.

- Marcus McCorison, "Kenneth G. Leach." Obituary in Proceedings of the American Antiquarian Society 118:1 (2008), pp. 25-36. A poignant and personal tribute to a great bookman (by another).

- Bryan Waterman, "Elizabeth Whitman’ s Disappearance and Her 'Disappointment.'" William & Mary Quarterly Third Series 66:2 (April 2009), pp. 325-364.