Sunday, May 03, 2009

Links & Reviews

- Laura's posted some great pictures of her recent trip to Egypt. Even more here.

- An interesting story in the Picayune Item about the annual display of the only known final copy of the Confederate Constitution, held at the University of Georgia in Athens on 27 April.

- J.L. Bell notes an upcoming conference at the University of Maine, Orono: "Loyalism and the Revolutionary Atlantic World." The conference will be held on 4-7 June; registration deadline is 15 May.

- Rory Litwin attended a recent MIT conference on Media in Transition and posted some thoughts.

- Here's a rundown of some of the projected funding cuts for ARL libraries this year. Not good.

- Seventeenth-Century News, a scholarly review journal, is now online.

- There's a new site "devoted to the history, identification and collecting of the various 3½ × 5 inch volumes published by Emanuel Haldeman-Julius (and his son) via Appeal to Reason, Appeal Publishing Company, Haldeman-Julius Company, Haldeman-Julius Publications, and The Little Blue Book Company." Lots of information there!

- A new book suggests that the five "Jack the Ripper" murders may have been committed by several different people, linked together by journalists "into one sensational killing spree to sell newspapers." "In Jack the Ripper: Case Closed Dr [Andrew] Cook draws on the testimony of various medical experts and policemen involved with the case who suspected that 'Jack the Ripper' did not kill all the victims, let alone the six other women murdered in Whitechapel who are sometimes credited to him." In the Times Archive Blog, Rose Wild plots the murders on a Google map, with links to the original Times reports of them.


- Paul Collins notes the first review of his forthcoming The Book of William is out, in Kirkus Reviews. Excerpts are up on the book's Amazon page.