Saturday, May 02, 2009

Auction Report: Recent Highlights & Upcoming

- At a Keys auction in London this week, a first edition of Darwin's Origin of Species sold for £35,000, to book dealer Hamish Riley-Smith. A signed 1868 photo of Darwin fetched a whopping £22,000, well over its estimate.

- Bloomsbury London held a huge Literature, Manuscripts and Modern Firsts sale on 23 April (1472 lots).

- On 7 May, Sotheby's London will sell Natural History, Travels, Atlases and Maps (253 lots).

- On 14 May, Bloomsbury London will sell Books and Manuscripts from the library of the late Harry and Virginia Walton (822 lots). A first edition of Catesby and an impressive collection of maps of the Arabian world are among the highlights.