Sunday, November 15, 2009

Links & Reviews

- In the Globe today, Sarah Schweitzer writes on the Boston Athenaeum and its marketing efforts to attract new, younger members.

- David Ferriero was confirmed by the Senate on 5 November as the tenth Archivist of the United States.

- Michael Lieberman notes there's a board game for the bibliophile on your Christmas list: Bookchase. I'd be interested to see the types of questions they've got, anyway.

- In The Guardian, an interview with McSweeney's editor Dave Eggers about the next issue, which will be in the form of a full-size Sunday newspaper.

- Lewis & Clarkiana collector Roger Wendlick is profiled in The Oregonian. Roger was also featured on a very good "This American Life" episode this summer, "The Book That Changed Your Life."

- John Overholt points out a new Houghton Library online exhibition, "History of the Harry Elkins Widener Memorial Collection." A very classy presentation about a truly great collector.

- Over at Past is Present, the AAS' Diann Benti offers up "the anatomy of a catalog record."

- In The Telegraph, ten weird facts from the original Encyclopaedia Britannica.


- David Liss' The Devil's Company is reviewed by Virginia A. Smith in the Boston Globe. My review here.

- Arifa Akbar reviews Barbara Kingsolver's The Lacuna for The Independent.

- In The Scotsman, Zoe Coutts reviews Robert Darnton's The Case for Books.

- Nabokov's The Original of Laura, recently published in its unfinished form, is reviewed by David Gates for the NYTimes, and by James Marcus in the LATimes.

- Also in the Times Harold Bloom reviews Peter Ackroyd's new adaptation of Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

- In the TLS, Robert Douglas-Fairhurst reviews Andrew Lambert's Franklin: Tragic Hero of Polar Exploration and Glyn Williams' Arctic Labyrinth.

- Noah Malcolm reviews Toby Lester's The Fourth Part of the World in The Telegraph.