Thursday, November 05, 2009

Reading Abigail

Just a quick note on why things are so quiet around here: I'm totally absorbed in Woody Holton's new biography, Abigail Adams (Free Press, 2009). It's as good a biography as any I've ever read; a really excellent and very new interpretation of the total Abigail Adams: businesswoman, political strategist, savvy manager, mother, wife, friend, the whole shebang. It's commanded every spare moment, as a good book should. While I can't provide a full review (being acknowledged in the volume) I will say it's truly a delight to read, and its portrait will, I suspect, surprise and delight more than a few people.

Holton will be at MHS this coming Monday evening, 9 November, for the official launch of Abigail Adams. More info here; do join us if you can.