Friday, November 06, 2009

Recent Print Articles

Some articles in various print publications I've read and enjoyed recently:

- Hannah Farber, "The Rise and Fall of the Province of Lygonia, 1643-1658." The New England Quarterly LXXXII:3 (September 2009), pp. 490-513. A fascinating look at a failed colony in southern Maine.

- James S. Leamon, "The Parson, the Parson's Wife, and the Coming of the Revolution to Pownalborough, Maine." The New England Quarterly LXXXII:3 (September 2009), pp. 514-528. Another Maine piece, this one on Anglican minister Jacob Bailey's run-ins with the forces of revolution in the early 1770s (including his refusal to read the Declaration of Independence from his pulpit as ordered).

- Philip Ranlet, "A Safe Haven for Witches? Colonial New York's Politics and Relations with New England in the 1690s." New York History 90:1/2 (Winter/Spring 2009), pp. 37-57. An examination of why accused MA and CT witches sought and received refuge in New York; Ranlet also offers up a medical explanation for NY Governor Lord Bellomont's erratic behavior during his tenure.

- Maureen E. Mulvihill, "Literary Property Changing Hands: The Peyraud Auction (New York City, 6 May 2009)." Eighteenth-Century Studies 43:1 (2009), pp. 151-163. A discussion of the sale of Paula Peyraud's collection, the "largest collection in private hands of books, manuscripts, and images associated with the Georgian period," including much related to the "literary ladies" of the time, plus Samuel Johnson, Pope, Burke and others. Mulvihill recaps the sale, and includes information on buyers where known, and much background on the collection. [Update: Since I read it, the article has become available online, here (PDF)].